Otoplasty is the procedure used to reposition protruding ears closer to the head. Ear deformity can cause deeper emotional trauma than is generally realized, even by the parents of children who have the condition. Because the physical and psychological improvement following the operation is usually dramatic, it is most rewarding to the patient and gratifying to the doctor. Surgery is usually recommended before school age, approximately six years or younger, to avoid classroom teasing. Surgery for older children, teenagers, and adults may also be performed.Local anesthetic with sedation is usually used in the office operating room for adults and teenagers, while a general anesthetic given in the outpatient surgery center is preferred for youngsters. The procedure lasts approximately one hour per ear, and patients go home the same day, usually with very little post-operative pain.The dressing is removed the day after surgery, and a lighter dressing is placed to help maintain the new position and shape of the ears. Afterwards, a headband is worn, especially while sleeping at night, to help protect the surgical result

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